Energy Democracy for New Mexico




 Disrupting the Monopoly & Building Energy Democracy

The state of New Mexico is uniquely positioned to shift away from conventional energy sources to cleaner renewable energy supplies, ranking 2nd in the nation for solar potential and 11th in the country for wind potential. But despite widespread public support for this transition, our state’s renewable energy portfolio is a mere 7% and is scheduled to increase at an unacceptably slow pace relative to public, environmental, and economic demand.  What is blocking New Mexicans from demanding the energy future we want and deserve? An antiquated investor-owned utility model that is unresponsive and heavily dependent on nuclear & coal investments – PNM.

Energy monopolies create a political elite and are, in effect, allowed to exercise excessive power (over legislatures, local city councils, and regulatory bodies) by dominating policy space, sucking energy out of other economic sectors and ruining democratic institutions (by failing to implement climate regulations and consumer protections). We are working at both city and state levels, across legislative and legal arenas, and alongside a growing coalition of public advocacy groups, to disrupt PNM’s stranglehold on the state’s energy future.

Our energy democracy campaigns are designed to develop unique models of energy choice that enable communities throughout the state to exercise their rights to pursue renewables energy resources that align with their values, protect their health and environments and bring sustainable economic development. With economics, environmental regulation, and a growing social movement on our side, the transformation of NM from an energy colony to a model of energy democracy is within our reach. This project provides the mechanisms – municipal utility authority & community choice aggregation - that will enable us to make that dream a reality.