Native Power: Native communities empowered

Native Power

New Energy Economy’s Native Power Initiative is bringing community-scale energy efficiency and renewable energy to Navajo Nation and New Mexico’s Pueblos. In addition to the immediate benefits of reduced energy costs, expanded energy access and better environmental impacts, we increase support for more renewable energy development and related job creation in Native American communities.

Solarizing Pueblo of Tesuque Taytsugeh Oweengeh Intergenerational Center: A Vision of What’s Possible


Solar energy production provides an opportunity to engage local residents, businesses, and funders in energy projects with brighter prospects for health, prosperity, and sustainability. In the fall of 2012, New Energy Economy implemented a community scale solar electric power system for the Pueblo of Tesuque Taytsugeh Oweengeh Intergenerational Center. This solar project serves as an educational tool and helps build understanding and support for additional solar power development, job training, and sustainable economic growth aligned with the values and culture of the community.

Download the Tesuque Pueblo Resolution Passed with Unanimous Support (July 16, 2012)

A Community Empowered: Crownpoint Solar Power Installation

Crownpoint Chapter House Goes Solar

Resolution of Crownpoint Chapter

On May 22, 2011, the Crownpoint community on Navajo Nation celebrated the installation of a solar electric power system to provide 100 percent of the electrical power for Crownpoint Chapter house, the social and political hub of the community. Now, money that was used to pay for electricity can be directed toward community needs such as education, health care, and economic development.

Native Power: The Crownpoint technology

Over a 25-year period, the solar power system will save approximately $114,115 on electric utility bills, conserve approximately 139,900 gallons of water not used in coal plant turbines, and eliminate approximately 489,000 pounds of carbon pollution that would have otherwise been released into the atmosphere by means of fossil fuel-based electricity generation. By bringing the promise of solar power development into clearer focus for local Navajo residents and leaders, this installation can help build support for additional solar power developments that are under consideration.

Navajo communities have suffered great hardship due to uranium mining, coal mining, and coal combustion. They have experienced disproportionate rates of cancers, lung disease, asthma and heart attacks. Navajo lands hold tremendous solar power potential that could displace coal and uranium mines, improve public health, create new jobs, and build enduring prosperity. The installation of this solar power system on Crownpoint Chapter house points to brighter possibilities for the health, prosperity, and sustainability of Navajo communities.

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