Sol Not Coal Awards

Each year, New Energy Economy selects a community member who has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to promoting renewable energy locally to honor with our “Sol not Coal” award.

In 2014, the award went to Nick Schiavo and former mayor David Coss for their courageous leadership and commitment to deploying solar in the City of Santa Fe. They identified solar as a high priority early, fought against PNM’s barriers to stall and obstruct solar deployment, and nurtured job creation and expanded economic development opportunities through the passage of bonds to install solar and make it visible community-wide. 

In 2015, we presented the award to Lisa Randall, Energy Conservation Specialist at the Santa Fe Public Schools. Deeply moral, visionary, and a skillful advocate, Lisa Randall gracefully navigates the public school bureaucracy with purpose: to reduce waste, redirect funds to support kids and teachers in the classroom, deploy solar, and model by example. With an infectious smile, warm heart, and fierce devotion, Lisa brings her commitment to environmental stewardship and Santa Fe's youth to life by transforming our schools' infrastructure to ensure a brighter future. 

This September 2016, we honored Tammy Harkins with the award. Tammy is a proponent of project-based learning and an environmental educator extraordinaire at the newly formed Early College Opportunities: A Santa Fe Applied Science Magnet School with the Santa Fe Public Schools, a high school that allows the youth of Santa Fe to explore sustainability authentically using project based learning via partnerships with the community.

Congratulations Tammy! Thank you for all you do for this community!




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