Walk in Beauty: Clean Energy for a Changeable World

May 2012

“Walk in Beauty: Clean Energy for a Changeable World” highlights the tremendous solar power potential that can displace coal and uranium, create new jobs, and build enduring pathways out of poverty.

Special thanks to all those who made this video collaboration possible: Google, Bioneers, the people of Navajo Nation, and talented filmmaker, Doug Crawford.

The Four Corners has often been characterized as an “energy sacrifice zone,” and people from California, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico flip their light switches generally without knowing the devastating consequences on the land from where their energy is sourced. The list of staggering impacts from coal-fired electricity is long and includes cancer, heart and lung disease, rampant asthma, especially among the elderly and young, and death. Rising levels of dangerous smog also impact visibility and negatively effect traditional ceremonies and agriculture.

These impacts from coal impose unacceptable costs, taking lives and destroying livelihoods. Our hope is that this tool will strengthen community interdependence, catalyze advocacy, and support brighter possibilities for the health, prosperity, and resiliency of Navajo communities.

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