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Take Action: Four Clean Energy Steps


1. Help Make New Mexico a Clean Energy Leader

The people and land of New Mexico recently won a monumental victory when PNM, under fire from environmental groups and the EPA, agreed to close two units at the San Juan coal plant. But now PNM wants to replace that power with more coal and nuclear imported from Arizona, which would undo the progress we’ve won. New Energy Economy has an alternative plan that will take us from 7% renewables (PNM currently has 2% solar and 5% wind in its energy mix) to 29% renewables in three years. Write to the PRC to say our health and economy is at stake and the time is now for energy transformation!

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2. Solar is the Best Choice

Watch the meter go backwards! Solar does fit into your budget. Solar energy reduces costs and provides a great return on your investment. Mention New Energy Economy when purchasing your own solar energy system from Santa Fe- based installers, and they will give $500 in your name to New Energy Economy’s SOL not Coal initiative.

3. SOL not Coal – Help Solarize Our Community

Help us solarize our community spaces! We’ve solarized the Crownpoint Chapternhouse on Navajo Nation, the City of Santa Fe Fire Station #3, the Taysugeh Oweengeh Intergenerational Center at the Pueblo of Tesuque, Zona del Sol Youth & Family Center, and County fire stations in Tesuque and Chimayo. Money that was previously allocated to paying utility bills can be repurposed to support vital community services. Next, we will solarize Tewa Women United, Monte Vista Farm, and the Nancy Rodriguez Community Center. Invest with us!

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4. Santa Fe Public Power

Communities across the United States are taking back their power to CHOOSE electricity sources that align with their values and promise a healthy future for our children. More than 2,000 cities in the US power their homes with community owned, affordable, and renewably sourced electricity that’s responsive to the needs of the people. Profits serve and benefit the community, not Wall Street. Help us create a locally owned electric utility in Santa Fe to dramatically expand solar deployment in the area, transform and improve energy efficiency programs, strengthen the local economy, and create family-supporting jobs.

Become a member of Santa Fe Public Power (website coming soon)!

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