Giving New Mexico homeowners, renters, and businesses access to the low cost, clean solar energy they demand.  

Local community solar allows multiple participants to share the cost-saving benefits of a single solar installation. It is a simple tool that provides everyone the opportunity to choose local, reliable, and cost-effective clean energy. 19 states have already passed laws enabling community solar programs.


Sovereign Native American tribes, municipalities, and businesses can build the solar facilities, and the utility companies will transmit it on the grid. Residents and businesses can subscribe, or purchase shares in the solar facility, and the value of electricity generated from those shares is credited to their electricity bill. Community solar opens up the market to competition by energy suppliers, including municipal governments, sovereign Native American tribes, and third-parties to own solar arrays, produce electricity, and make them available to customers.

New Mexicans are hungry for innovation and forward thinking programs that help our state shine and contribute to the economic health of households across our state.  

We want legislators to deliver on policies that build a vibrant and robust green energy economy and create local jobs. Community Solar legislation presents a tremendous opportunity to deliver something meaningful for your constituents while acting as a source of local economic development.


  • Community solar installations are larger-scale, solar electric facilities owned by multiple community members

The Community Solar Bill will enable utility customers who are renters, who do not have suitable locations, or are prevented from installing rooftop solar for other reasons to have equal access to the benefits of self-generation.


In addition, Community Solar delivers the benefits of solar power at lower costs by aggregating customers into larger projects, which have economies of scale.


  • Low income communities pay a higher percentage of their income for energy needs

The Community Solar Bill will provide an opportunity for families to lessen that impact by allowing residents to join together and crowd-source renewable energy at a fixed, lower cost.

  • Solar energy is now one of the lowest-cost energy solutions on the market.

An overwhelming majority of New Mexicans want access to solar generated energy because we know it is the right thing to do for our economy, and our planet.


The trouble is, in New Mexico, investor-owned utilities only generate a tiny percentage of energy from  solar - despite the fact that our state is at the very top in the nation (and the world) for solar capacity.

  • It is greatly important that New Mexico leaders act now to protect public health and take action to protect our clean air and water.

Community Solar helps achieve this goal while stimulating emerging sectors of the local economy.


Community Solar generates local wealth through the creation of new green jobs and enables people to repurpose energy dollar savings, further stimulating our local economies. Alternative energy jobs are the fastest growing job sector in New Mexico.



  • Nurture emerging local renewable energy markets that create dignified, family-supporting jobs for solar installers, supply houses, designers, and electricians in our community.


  • Enable New Mexicans to repurpose savings for other essential family needs.


  • Mitigate carbon emissions, lessen environmental and public health impacts of fossil fuel electricity generation.




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New Energy Economy is a 501(c)3 organization