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SB47 in Going to Committee - We Need Your Help to Defeat it!

We've got a good chance at defeating this disastrous bill but we need to mobilize our folks, like you, to do so. The big day is Tuesday! Before then we're going to deliver all the amazing letters and petition signatures you all helped collect!

Three important developments we'd like to share:

1) The revised bill has been filed and is in some ways worse than the original. The main reasons is:

2) More than a dozen economic, social, and environmental justice organizations signed on to our joint letter in opposition to the bill - which will be delivered tomorrow to key legislators and the Conservation Committee Members. In addition, a letter from a coalition of environmental groups that participate in the Environmental Alliance of New Mexico will submit another joint letter in opposition on Monday. It should be increasingly clear to law-makers that the only real advocates for this bill are PNM lobbiests.

3) We looked into the issues this bill raises more deeply and found that it might very well be unconstitutional because it seeks to resolve issues that are pending before the New Mexico Supreme Court. Namely, it seeks to award PNM bonding authority for investments in San Juan, Palo Verde, and Four Corners even though the prudence of those investments is currently being challenged in our Supreme Court cases pending before the High Court. Read our letter to legislative leadership about the potential unconstitutionality of the law HERE.

So we are well on our way to building a winning case against this inappropriate and harmful bill.

What you can do to help:

1) Please sign-up to attend our in-person training at 12:00PM on Monday, January 29th to prepare to visit Conservation Committee members before their vote on Tuesday and then plan to head over to the legislature. The training will be a quick 30 minutes and then we'll unleash you (but we'll send a staff member over with you to help you find the right people if you're new to this).

2) Please sign-up for our Webinar training at 1PM on Monday, January 29th to prepare to call or visit Conservation Committee members before their vote on Tuesday. Below are the numbers if you're already poised and ready.


Title Name Telephone Email Party Role

Senator Joseph Number

Cervantes (505)986-4861 D Chair

Senator Elizabeth

"Liz" (505)986-4377 D Vice

Stefanics Chair

Senator Richard C. (505)986-4487 D Member


Senator Cisco (505)986-4389 D Member


Senator William P. (505)986-4834 D Member


Senator Peter Wirth (505)986-4727 D Member



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