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Today let us reach out in love to support the climate refugees here in our own state

In a surreal parody of "EarthDay" celebrations yesterday we, along with everyone else in New Mexico, watched in horror as our beloved state began to burn. But for some, that danger was more than a horror - it meant the potential loss of everything. Today let us reach out in love to support some of the many families who have been displaced by the Calf Canyon/Hermit's Peak Fire. More than 400 families were evacuated, and they sit now awaiting word if the 42,000 acre fire reached their homes. Our office is located at 300 E. Marcy Street in Santa Fe. We will transport all supplies and donations to Moving Arts.

Yesterday we joined YUCCA, SWOP and activist allies to protest outside the swanky reception where our state leadership cozied up with fossil fuel executives, even as the winds howled and smoke filled the air. We can only hope that this crisis serves as a wake up call to our state leadership. Fossil fuels must remain in the ground.

Ralph Lucas, an operation section chief with the fire incident management team said during a briefing “It’s extreme and, if there was a level above extreme, it would be at that level, but extreme is the highest." Those of us who know the science understand that we are not even close to the highest level of threat that will be faced if we continue to pursue the insane "all of the above" energy strategy that our Governor celebrates. We hope that proactive change happens now, so that the innocent will be spared from future horrors. Let us join together in hope and rage to demand change now.


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