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Solarization of Casa Milagro - Santa Fe

Join us in extending the benefits of solar to the residents of Casa Milagro, a safe, trusting, and nurturing community home for adults recovering from homelessness and debilitating mental health challenges.

At New Energy Economy, justice is our guiding principle. We see the success of Casa Milagro through its dignified treatment of formerly homeless people suffering from mental health challenges. We have been deeply moved by this model of beloved community. 

Please join us with a financial investment in making the solarization of Casa Milagro a reality. 


Located in Santa Fe since 1995, Casa Milagro was founded upon the premise that belonging and knowing oneself as a part of larger whole is one of the most powerful healing forces. Sustainability and a relationship with the natural world is central to the work happening at Casa Milagro. 


Casa Milagro goes beyond the model of a "transitional home" for formerly homeless residents, creating a permanent home and cohesive family unit where mental health disorders are destigmatized, cycles of violence are broken, and acceptance is fostered through shared commitments to the simple realities and necessities of community life.


When we are living in disharmony from nature there are mental health consequences. A lot of people here, and in our communities, are experiencing climate anxiety about what we are doing to our planet. Being able to respond in our own way right here, by going solar, is a very healing thing.

- Desiree Bernard - Executive Director Casa Milagro

[At Casa Milagro] we have a culture that is heavy into sustainability - sustaining our cultural community and sustaining our minds. Emotional health is just as important as the health of our planet. We are all going through something, and we are all transforming.


- Amaris, Casa Milagro Resident


"How in a society such as ours can we even afford to have homeless people? Having experienced homelessness, poverty of that level is violence."


"When you are homeless, you don't have family. Here, we are about as close to a family as you can get without actually being a family.  We certainly treat each other as brothers and sisters, as sons and daughters.


It is about feeling safe and secure. You don't feel that when your homeless, because you don't have family members. One of the things that this place does is pull you out of the cauldron of fear, makes you safe, validates your existence as a human being, and gives you free range to be a contributing member of society.  


- Nicholas, Casa Milagro Resident

with a 16kW Solar Array at Casa Milagro

The Solar Array at Casa Milagro will cover 101% of their annual electricity load and, over a 25-year period, the system will:

  • Save $132,729 in electricity costs 

  • Eliminate 912,119 lbs of CO2 emissions

  • Avoid 380,050 lbs of coal from being burned

  • Save 364,848 gallons of water

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