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In 2021 New Energy Economy will be pushing for policies that place the benefits and control over renewable energy resources into the hands of the people. Our goals will be:


To keep New Mexico’s oil and gas reserves in the ground and protect against a publicly funded bailout of the oil and gas industry through policy proposals and legal interventions;


To protect and strengthen regulation in the state of New Mexico, both of the utilities and of the oil and gas industry, in order to protect our health and environment and hold polluters accountable.


To promote the adoption of Local Choice Energy (aka “Community Choice Aggregation” which breaks up the monopoly and allows municipalities to aggregate our electricity demand and choose our own suppliers -- including the option to own and produce locally) and Community Solar (large-scale solar arrays owned by nonprofits, public entities, Tribes, etc that residents can purchase their energy from)- as avenues for sustainable economic development, green revenue & economic recovery opportunities, and models for community-driven energy decision-making and management.


To protect New Mexicans from shouldering the costs of the pandemic by working to create utility debt forgiveness and forcing shareholders to pay their fair share.


To pass a Green Amendment to our constitution to give New Mexicans enforceable rights to clean water, clean air, a stable climate and a healthy environment. Our communities will be able to use the green amendment to hold government officials and industry accountable.


To bring Sol for All - by solarizing critical facilities. Next up is Casa Milagro -- a safe, supportive home for members of our community who need a place to belong, find support, and be cared for. 


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100% Renewable San Juan Replacement Power

Legal Advocacy

This legal win has been 10 years in the making but the resistance to the San Juan Generating Station and coal's toxic legacy has been being fought by frontline Diné communities for much longer still.

Congratulations and deepest gratitude to those on the frontlines who have been calling for an end to fossil fuel extraction and exploitation, defending their lands, the water, and our collective health and who have pushed us all -- advocates, the Hearing Examiners, the public, and the Commission to place people and the planet before profits -- to center justice.  This decision upheld legal standards for the most cost-effective resource portfolio, most environmentally appropriate resource portfolio, and a reliable and just way to move forward! Many of the replacement resources will be located in the impacted community and these renewables and storage resources will provide FIXED energy costs for the next twenty years in a time of extreme economic and climate uncertainty. A win-win-win.

Utility Shutoff Moratorium Extension

Coalition Building

In March when the pandemic hit, the Public Regulation Commission passed a utility shutoff moratorium to protect consumers. In their order today, the moratorium was extended for the duration of the Governor's Emergency Orders related to the COVID-19 pandemic. It both prohibits the discontinuation of residential customer utility service and waives late fees on residential accounts.

New Energy Economy rallied a coalition, including Retake Our Democracy, Earth Care's Santa Fe Mutualistas, YUCCA, OLÉ, Prosperity Works, Working Families Party, New Mexico Interfaith Power and Light and several individuals to testify on behalf of the people who are dependent now, more than ever, on stable housing, electricity, heat, water and food to weather this storm. The PRC found our arguments on behalf of those falling farther behind in New Mexico persuasive and extended the moratorium.

Nuclear Divestment Campaign Victory

Corporate Accountability

In numerous cases before the PRC and the New Mexico Supreme Court, New Energy Economy continues to hold PNM, the largest New Mexico monopoly utility, to account. We won an historic victory against PNM's nuclear investments - preventing PNM's 114 megawatt lease repurchase. This victory will save New Mexicans 100s of millions of dollars.

Still pending before the PRC is our case to ensure ratepayers are held harmless for the unfair and unreasonable costs claimed by PNM for their investment in prolonging the life of the Four Corners Power Plant. Also pending before the Supreme Court is our case against the unconstitutional provisions included in the Energy Transition Act, provisions that will cost New Mexican ratepayers $2 billion or more if they are not struck down.


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New Energy Economy is a 501(c)3 organization