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Solarization of Major Market - Zuni Pueblo

Major Market provides a critical service to the 12,000 members of Zuni Pueblo who need access to healthy, nutritious, fresh food. Cost savings from the solar array will make it possible for them to hire additional staff while reducing their carbon footprint and setting a model for green energy in the region.

One of only three tribal owned businesses at the Pueblo, Major Market serves as a community hub and stimulates the local economy by
incorporating and highlighting local artisans and Indigenous craft persons, and promoting traditional agriculture and cuisine.


Solar is a key element of the Major Market sustainable business model - this 84kW array will significantly reduce the estimated $22,000+ annual electricity costs for the market, while reducing CO2 emissions by more than 4.5 million lbs over 25 years.

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This project is in line with our Zuni core values of Hon Ulohnan ichem'anna:wa - we will care for this earth. As a tribe, we are working hard to protect our land from climate change as well as protecting our sacred sites from resource extraction. We are proud to support Major Market Inc. in setting an example in our community and protecting our traditional values of Mother Earth and lead in a renewable energy revolution for Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico.

- Zuni Pueblo Governor Mr. Val R. Panteah Sr.


with a 84kW Solar Array at Major Market

The Solar Array at Major Market will cover 81% of their annual electricity load and, over a 25-year period, the system will:

  • Save $195,608 in electricity costs 

  • Eliminate 4,546,938 lbs of CO2 emissions

  • Save 1,818,775 gallons of water

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