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    PNM investigating silo structure failure that caused fire before putting Unit 1 back in production in mid-June

    Below is an article from The Daily Times. Written by Megan Petersen and Published April 18th 2018. 

    PNM announced plans in 2017 to end coal operations at the plant by 2022, and two units were shuttered in December before Unit 1 was damaged.

    PNM spokesman Dan Ware said the company is performing inspections on the silos at the station that should be completed by May 30 so that Unit 1 can go back online by June 15.

    The coalition of petitioners argues that investing to reinstate Unit 1, which has been in operation since 1973, “may result in unnecessary capital improvements and long-term stranded costs.”

    The petitioners are urging the PRC to “be proactive so that an investigation, including an adequate cost-benefit analysis, be performed, so that only a prudent investment be made in SJGS Unit 1, and that after-the-fact imprudent findings will not result in unnecessary costs to ratepayers,” according to the petition.

    However, Ware said the cost of reinstating Unit 1, which has not yet been determined, will not be passed on to ratepayers, saying insurance will cover the bulk of the cost.

    “There’s a $2 million deductible, which will come out of our current operating budget, so this is not going to be passed on to ratepayers,” Ware said on April 17. “Ratepayers are not going to pay more because of this incident.”

    But Diné CARE President Adella Begaye said the incident should be used as an opportunity to move toward renewable energy.

    “We know that PNM will close the coal plant in 2022, thank goodness,” Begaye said in an April 12 press release. “Why should PNM spend more money propping up a polluting coal plant when we can use that same money creating Navajo jobs in solar. It doesn't make sense to invest in a coal plant that will close in three years when we can use those dollars to benefit our community long-term.”

    Megan Petersen covers business and education for The Daily Times. Reach her at 505-564-4621 or mpetersen@daily-times.com.

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    The Urgency of Now: A Path to Justice A Pledge Toward 100% Renewable Energy for New Mexico



    New Energy Economy published a 25-page technical report illustrating the pathway to 100% renewable electricity in NM by 2035. The plan would set our state on track to lead the nation with a renewable energy economy that is more dynamic, equitable, sustainable, and resilient than what has existed in NM for decades. 

    Rather than energy derived from coal, nuclear and natural gas to serve the 500,000 customers in PNM's service territory, NEE’s plan would transition the state to 700 megawatts of solar power and 1750 megawatts of wind power by 2035, leveraging the state’s 2nd in the nation ranking for solar potential, and 12th in the nation for wind potential.



    Join thousands of New Mexicans calling for a just transition to 100% renewables.

    Please sign below and spread the word! If you'd like to upload your photo with the 100% renewables logo - download it here and upload your photo with your signature. 

    Together we will turn the tide for New Mexico's economy, environment, and communities!


    50 signatures

    I am a founding member of the 100% Renewable Energy for New Mexico campaign and pledge my political support only to candidates who commit to transitioning New Mexico’s electric sector to 100% renewables by 2035.

    As a central value of this shift, I call on all candidates for elected office to fight for a “just transition” by protecting extractive industry workers with healthcare and job retraining, requiring comprehensive clean-up of the toxic contaminants left in our soil and water, ensuring that consumers don’t pay for utility monopolies’ poor financial planning, utilizing existing transmission capability for renewable energy installation, and ensuring 100% renewable replacement power.

    I look forward to supporting your candidacy with my vote, advocacy, and financial resources once you have publicly committed to 100% Renewables and a Just Transition for New Mexico.

    Thank you in advance for embracing our state’s heritage and natural endowment, for embracing a forward-looking vision for our economy, and ensuring a sustainable future for our children.

    Will you sign?

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