New Energy Economy's mission is to build a renewable energy future for our health and the environment  

With bold legal interventions, public policy advocacy, and grassroots action we fight for a fossil-fuel and nuclear-free economy that stewards both the health of our environment and our communities. A Just Transition to renewable energy is not just about reducing carbon emissions but transforming our energy system, as we do so we must redress social inequity, build people power, and foster economic and environmental justice.  



    We've solarized over a dozen community centers, firestations, and farms. This year we are raising funds to solarize Casa Milagro -- a safe and dignified home for our formerly homeless relatives suffering from mental health challenges. 


    This project will not only benefit the earth, but it will free Casa Milagro to invest more than $132,000 in programs that directly serve residents instead of paying out each month to benefit utility shareholders.


    Be part of the effort with a contribution toward the solarization of Casa Milagro, a safe, trusting, and nurturing community home for adults recovering from homelessness and debilitating mental health challenges.

    WATCH THE VIDEO, LEARN MORE & DONATE to help fold funds previously used on electricity bills into the transformational and healing work taking place at Casa Milagro, Santa Fe's "House of Miracle!"


    As hard as COVID-19 has been, it has also brought important lessons and opportunities. It has become even more clear that the society we’ve built is fundamentally flawed, exposing inequality in health care, food security, shelter, transportation, energy and clean air and water. In a just society these necessities would be recognized as human rights, not privileges, for when one person suffers, we all suffer.

    As a new day dawns in Washington and our own state legislature in NM -- we need to push harder than ever to demand real, meaningful, systemic change. On the energy front that means demanding that instead of propping up industry and trying to “return to business as usual,” drilling and pumping and squeezing out as much money as possible from the earth and from ratepayers, we need to embrace this opportunity for change. In the 2021 Legislature we’ll be pushing for policies that place the benefits of and control over renewable energy resources in the hands of the people.


    New Mexico's oil and gas operators are emitting 570,000 tons of methane every year -- equivalent to the climate impact of approximately 12 coal- fired power plants. There have been over 218 major produced water spills so far in 2020, and another 202 minor produced water spills. In the vast majority of cases, no penalties were assessed against the operator. Already in 2020, more than 1.6 million gallons of produced waste liquid have been released, according to industry self-reporting. 


    Methane leaks and produced water spills are preventable - the harm is predictable and avoidable if proper constraints were put in place.   The reason proper regulation has not been put into place is that to do so would hinder extraction by making the industry’s waste expensive. 


    Using a multi-pronged approach in the legal, regulatory, and legislative arenas we are working to demand comprehensive regulation in the state of New Mexico - from extraction to cleanup.




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New Energy Economy is a 501(c)3 organization