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Community Solar headed to the Governor's desk

Thank you Senators Liz Stefanics & Linda Lopez and Representatives Patricia Roybal Caballero & Representative Andrea Romero for your tireless work to advance Community Solar.

After a long and bruising fight through the legislature and a three hour filibuster by Republican Representatives, a weakened Community Solar Act passed the House floor last night and the concurrence bill passed the Senate today. The bill now heads to the Governor's desk. New Energy Economy worked alongside many other activists, legislators and New Mexico citizens to realize the dream of community solar gardens blooming across the state, a vision of energy democracy that allows ALL people, regardless of income, to escape the bondage of monopoly utility control and gain access to affordable and stable renewable energy. PNM and EPE extracted some painful compromises to slow the progress of community solar and diminish the market incentives that would entice developers, but we are grateful to sponsors who kept fighting and we are confident that after the three year initial phase of rollout, the benefits of distributed clean energy will clear the way for widespread implementation. Read our Community Solar Final Assessment:

Edited Community Solar Final Assessment
Download • 413KB


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