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Its baaaack! Hydrogen zombie bill rises again.

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

The people came together to oppose the Hydrogen Development Hub Act, HB4, and it was tabled in its first committee, but hydrogen proponents have resurrected their efforts with SB 194. While SB 194 does not include tax incentives like HB4, it was designed to trigger the expenditure of $150M already set aside in the pending appropriations bills by defining hydrogen production that emits up to 375 lbs of CO2 per 1MWh as "clean." The bill thwarts the people's will, and seeks once again to establish New Mexico as a hydrogen hub despite our overwhelming opposition.

Like HB 4, this bill was designed & written to encourage the development of new industrial customers for oil and gas producers in New Mexico and will lead to an increase in climate changing emissions.

SB 194 will be heard in Senate Conservation on Tuesday at 9:00AM. Together we succeeded in defeating the Hydrogen Development Hub Act. Together we can succeed again.

Please reach out today to committee members below (preferably by phone) and urge them to VOTE NO when SB 194 bill comes up for a vote. We will continue to analyze this bill with our allies over the weekend to provide a more detailed analysis, but a new one pager with some talking points are available here.


  • The Community Energy Efficiency Block Grant Act, HB 37, will likely be heard on Friday (2/4/22) on the House Floor! Contact your Representative in the House to ask them to VOTE YES. Talking points here.

  • SB 54/HB 127 Banning Storage of High-Level Nuclear Waste passed through HENRC today and will be heard next in House Judiciary. Contact committee members (listing available here) and ask them to VOTE YES. Talking points here.

  • Public Power Memorial has been rolled twice. We will send notice as soon as it is rescheduled.


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