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Updated: Feb 23, 2022

The 2022 Legislative session has begun, and the contrast between meaningful action and false solutions could not be more apparent. New Energy Economy joins a coalition of groups across New Mexico to push for a Memorial to Study Public Power (SM 10 and HM 20). At the same time we are actively opposing dangerous delays and false solutions being advocated under the banner of climate action.

HB 4 - the Hydrogen Hub Development Act was designed & written to encourage the development of new industrial customers for oil and gas producers in New Mexico and will increase climate changing emissions. It must be defeated! The bill will be heard tomorrow at 8:30AM in the House Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Committee.

We are calling all climate activists to call and email your Representatives and all members of the committee to oppose this dangerous bill. The contact information of committee members is listed below:

  • Chair: Matthew McQueen (D). (505) 986-4423.

  • Vice Chair: Debra M. Sariñana (D). (505) 986-4436.

  • Member: Brittney Barreras (D). (505) 986-4248. BRITTNEYFORNEWMEXICO@GMAIL.COM

  • Member: Meredith A. Dixon (D). (505) 986-4210.

  • Member: Miguel P. Garcia (D). (505) 986-4242.

  • Member: Pamelya Herndon (D). (505) 986-4432.

  • Member: Rod Montoya (R). (505) 986-4757.

  • Member: Kristina Ortez (D). (505) 986-4254.

  • Member: Larry R. Scott (R). (505) 986-4450.

  • Member: James R.J. Strickler (R). (505) 986-4220.

  • Member: James G. Townsend (R). (505) 986-4758.

Bulk email: “Brittney Barreras” <BRITTNEYFORNEWMEXICO@GMAIL.COM>, “Meredith A. Dixon” <>, “Miguel P. Garcia” <>, “Pamelya Herndon” <>, “Matthew McQueen” <>, “Rod Montoya” <>, “Kristina Ortez” <>, “Debra M. Sariñana” <>, “Larry R. Scott” <>, “James R.J. Strickler” <>, “James G. Townsend” <>

New Energy Economy has prepared a one pager, a detailed analysis of the bill and webpage where you can learn more about the dangers posed by HB 4.

Time is of the essence!

To make public comment join on zoom. When: Jan 27, 2022 08:30 AM Mountain Time Topic: House Energy, Environment & Natural Resources. Click the link below to join:

SM 10 and HM 20 - a Memorial to Study a Public Power Model for New Mexico is the first necessary step in our fight for Public Power ownership in New Mexico.

A preliminary study conducted by the HBailey Group found that Public Power could lead to more affordable rates, an accelerated transition to 100% renewable energy and a minimum of 550 permanent jobs and more than $1 Billion in annual revenue in perpetuity for the benefit of the people of New Mexico!

Find a one pager, a detailed analysis and talking points here. It has been assigned to Senate Rules and Senate Tax, Business and Transportation, and in the House to House Labor, Veterans and Military Affairs and House Judiciary. Start contacting Senate Rules and your district Representatives now. Committee contact information.

HB 6 - the "Clean" Future Act being promoted by legislative leaders delays any meaningful emissions reductions until at least July 2025. It must be amended.

While the goals set in the Clean Future Act are in alignment with IPCC emissions guidelines - the devil is in the timeline. We cannot afford to begin the process of rulemaking in 2025 and expect to achieve any meaningful reductions by 2030. We need statutory emissions reduction mandates THIS YEAR - in order to begin the critical work necessary to achieve 50% reductions by 2030.

Find a one pager, a detailed analysis and talking points here. It has been assigned to House Energy, Environment and Natural Resources and House Government, Elections and Indian Affairs. We encourage you to get to work contacting those committees now! Committee Contact Information.


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