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Pueblo de Cochiti Solarization Celebration

"The sun is shining today," said Governor Dwayne Herrera, " We have partnered up with

New Energy Economy to have the installation of the solar panels here so we have renewable energy instead of using coal." 

Last Friday the Pueblo de Cochiti leadership and community held a ceremony for the solarization of Pueblo de Chociti's Hahn Community Center.

This is New Energy Economy's 10th solarization project and the largest project to date. Below Gene Ka-Hee, from the Pueblo de Cochiti Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, hold us a graphic showing the community and visitors the financial savings the Pueblo has seen to date and the trajectory for savings in the future.

Over 25 years 233,000 dollars will be saved on energy costs due to this solarization. These resources will be reinvested to the community and will have great impact on the future generations of Pueblo de Cochiti. 


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