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The Hydrogen Hydra made an epic appearance today on Climate Justice Day at the Roundhouse

Today the No False Solutions coalition brought the fire at the Roundhouse, speaking truth to power in front of an epic piece of art depicting the false climate solutions being promoted in the legislature this year. Coalition members spoke eloquently for the necessity of real climate action, the dangers of hydrogen, carbon capture, nuclear and net-zero targets that serve only to give a green light to continued extraction and pollution. Following the rally, coalition members led a sit-in at the Governor's office and filled the Roundhouse with protest chants in the rotunda and then, in an epic moment, got a nice photo op with Rep. Patty Lundstrom, the queen of hydrogen hype.

Why were we out protesting? Because our legislature has once again failed to pass any meaningful climate reduction bills and has instead continued to kow-tow to the oil and gas industry, culminating in the introduction of HB 12 - the "Advanced" Energy Technology Act last week. HB 12 will be heard on Saturday morning at 9:00AM and we are looking for as much public participation as possible. This is a critical moment to stand up against dangerous false solutions.

***We want to note that positive workforce development and just transition provisions were rolled into HB12 from HB188. We support these provisions - and the workers calling for them but cannot support a bill that extends our state's dependence on fossil-fuel extraction at the expense of frontline communities' health and the environment and the climate.

Can you show up on Saturday to speak out against hydrogen, nuclear, carbon capture, and other extraction-based technologies in this bill? The hearing will be held in Room 317. Even if you don't feel comfortable speaking, your presence matters! Show up as early as possible to get a seat.

Can't come in person? Show up on zoom at and raise your hand to oppose HB12. The Committee Chair often takes a count both in person and online to see who opposes and supports a bill.

When you write your legislators - highlight these key areas of concern:

  • HB 12 is designed to finance an energy economy based on fossil-fueled hydrogen, nuclear, and carbon capture & sequestration with public funds to benefits private corporations.

  • HB 12 invests the funds that should be used for proven technologies like solar, wind and battery storage into unproven and dangerous pipe dreams that prolong the extraction economy.

  • HB 12 allows the state to take over failed projects from private companies and pay them for their failure. It offers incentives to invest in risky projects such as hydrogen, carbon capture and nuclear reactors that will result in stranded assets and losses.

  • HB 12 creates mechanisms to transfer unlimited public funding to private industry through public/private partnerships.

  • HB 12 allows exemptions to the state procurement code and Inspection of Public Records Act (IPRA) to permit closed-door industry preference, and self-dealing that is free from oversight and public scrutiny.

Regardless whether you can show up, if you havent' already please click the button below to email all members of the HENRC committee to ask them to vote NO on HB 12. Please edit the subject line for more impact!



SB 434 - PRC Changes Act allows matters of "public business" to be discussed behind closed doors in violation of Open Meeting Act requirements. What kinds of public policy discussions might occur behind closed doors? Fossil fuel business and its impact on ratepayers! If there is disinformation and anti-climate or anti-consumer lobbying/"business" being conducted behind closed doors the public and intervenors have no way of refuting their claims. Conducting business behind closed doors ultimately leads to marginalized people (from financially disadvantaged ratepayers to people of color who live near gas plants) being systematically shut out of the process and decision-making. This is another example of not meeting the moment to usher in a clean energy transition. We need transparency and accountability. Secrecy only benefits the power brokers and has negative impacts on our communities. The bill will be heard tomorrow in the Senate Health and Public Affairs Committee at 1:30pm in Room 311. Or join on zoom at Click the button below to email committee members.

HB 142 - The San Juan Cleanup Bill passed House Finance. At the last minute an amendment introduced by Representative Nathan Small moved appropriations attached to the bill to the Advanced Energy Technology Fund in HB 2, the budget bill that already passed the House. Download the One Pager. We were told that it might be heard on the House floor Sunday or Monday. Click the email to below to ask your Representative to vote YES on HB 142.

HB 426 - The Not So "Clean" Fuel Standards Act passed HENRC today and is on its way to House Government, Elections and Indian Affairs. It enables carbon offsets and trading mechanisms that will help industry to continue polluting indefinitely. Carbon trading undermines the emission reduction goals of a fuel standard, and without a clear definition of participants in the credit trading market, the bill leaves open the possibility of polluting industries such as oil and gas using a carbon credit and trading scheme to prolong their use of New Mexico as a sacrifice zone. Download the One Pager. Click the button below to email HGEIC.


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