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October 12, 2018

Being Nimble: New Energy Economy partners with Village of Santa Clara - leading by example with bold solar innovation!


Village of Santa Clara, NM - Dozens of local elders and area leaders turned out for a green ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the completion of a 19kW solar array at the Centro de Amistad Senior Center. The new solar array will virtually eliminate the center's electricity costs and support the meals program for 100's of local seniors. Check out dozens of photos from our visit to the Village of Santa Clara

Flipping the switch and Powering up the solar system are (left to right) - Raul Turrieta, Grant County Assessor, Mariel Nanasi, NEE Executive Director, April Hunter, Hidalgo Medical Services Director of Support Services, and Richard Bauch, Mayor

"As Mayor, I know we have achieved a victory, one that should be replicated across the State. This solar project demonstrates fiscal responsibility to taxpayers, and more than that, marks an ethical victory in our calling to be good stewards of our earth." 

- Mayor Richard Bauch, Village of Santa Clara

This solar array will reduce electricity bills by 8-10 thousands of dollars a year for the Village of Santa Clara, helping to redirect funds back into community needs and reduce CO2 emissions by nearly 900,000 lbs - the equivalent of NOT BURNING 368,000 lbs of coal.

The solar celebration was a joy! About 40 seniors were serenaded by an up beat Danny Cordova, strumming familiar cultural tunes. The event was lively and was a magnet for local officials who joined in the festivities: NM House Representative for District 39, Rudolpho “Rudy” Martinez, Village of Santa Clara Mayor Richard Bauch, Grant County Assessor Raul Turrieta, Grant County Commissioner Alicia Edwards (District 3) and Harry Browne (District 5), Candidates for Grant County Commission Chris Ponce (District 1), and Javier Salas (District 2), Edith Lee, Chief Support Officer for Hidalgo Medical Services, and April Hunter, Director of Support Services for Hidalgo Medical Services. 

The homemade cake covered with solar panel pictures and sun-shaped delicious cookies didn't hurt turn out a bit. The happiness was palpable and although the Mayor said that our partnership was "a blessing" - we were the ones who left filled and rejuvenated!

Our gratitude goes to ALL who have helped make this solar array possible and to come together so quickly to be a main feature at Santa Clara's 150th birthday celebration!

Your large and small donations will help turn New Mexico toward the sun - for jobs, for our children's health, and for the planet! Over the last seven days, numerous individual contributions, and an incredible $5,000 grant from Cornerstones Foundation, has elevated us 2/3 of the way toward our current campaign goal.

Can you please take a moment and make a donation that is meaningful to you? $10, $25, $50, $100 dollars - every amount moves us forward.

The future is clean energy and solarization for the Centro de Amistad allows people to see this future with their own eyes, and witness more of our tax dollars staying in the community to be reinvested back into vital programs.


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