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We are working to keep our energy future local! Help us build that future together for Major Market

At New Energy Economy we fight for what’s right even when we can’t possibly know all the turns and twists of the battle ahead, or which seeds of justice will take root. With support from so many of you, we have thus far prevailed against the attempts of Avangrid/Iberdrola to short-circuit our justice system. While we defend against an outside takeover of our energy future, our efforts to make real the alternative vision of energy sovereignty, local generation and community care must redouble. We don't need multinational conglomerates we need local power that creates community sufficiency!

Our latest Sol for All project, Major Market at Zuni Pueblo, is dear to our hearts because it is an opportunity to make real the possibility of a successful local healthy food market that is Indigenous focused and is quickly becoming a community hub powered by the sun! All funds will be used towards an 84kW solar array constructed as a shade structure and covering a community gathering center with seating and tables.

Major Market is one of three tribal owned businesses at Zuni Pueblo, serving roughly 25,000 people who live within 25 miles of the pueblo. This family owned and operated grocery store was opened in 2020 to provide economic vitality in a food desert where grocery stores don’t exist and reliance on gas stations and commodity foods have led to diet-related illness, obesity and diabetes epidemics in the community. Major Market strives to provide healthy and organic food options and support Indigenous farmers and food traditions. Their focus on sustainability extends to this Sol for All solarization project, a project that will provide life-giving renewable energy from the sun while saving the store tens of thousands of dollars (in refrigeration costs alone!) - benefiting the community, in turn, through the creation of more local jobs and more affordable food prices.

Beyond the many immediate benefits, this project is a tangible example by and for the Zuni Pueblo - of local energy sovereignty and exposes the vision that there are other ways besides colonization and extraction of Indigenous lands - to care for people and the planet. In the words of the Zuni Pueblo Governor Panteah:

This project is in line with our Zuni core values of Hon Ulohnan ichem'anna:wa - we will care for this earth. As a tribe, we are working hard to protect our land from climate change as well as protecting our sacred sites from resource extraction. We are proud to support Major Market Inc. in setting an example in our community and protecting our traditional values of Mother Earth and lead in a renewable energy revolution for Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico.




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