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March 12: SOLARIZE CASA MILAGRO! Fundraiser, Screening, Dialogue.

Drum roll please for some positive news....

We are embarking on our next Sol for ALL solarization project!

In partnership with friends at Casa Milagro, Positive Energy Solar, and Cornerstones Community Partnerships, we are launching our fundraising campaign to solarize Casa Milagro. Casa Milagro is a 12-bed house on 2.5 acres in the heart of Santa Fe that provides a safe and supportive home for members of our community who have experienced homelessness and who need mental health support services.

To kick-off this special project, we want to raise awareness of the link between mental health policy in the United States and rising rates of homelessness. Please join us March 12th for a special screening of the film Bedlam at the Violet Crown theatre in Santa Fe.

Featured on the December 27, 2019 airing of Democracy Now!, “Bedlam” shows how decades of healthcare underfunding made jails and prisons into “De Facto Mental Asylums”. Bedlam premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and features many people, including Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors, who share their personal experiences with family members’ chronic psychiatric conditions that have pushed them into the path of police officers, ER doctors and nurses, lawyers and prison guards.

Following the screening, there will be a dialogue on the model work of Casa Milagro and our Sol For ALL program with Casa Milagro's Executive Director, Desiree Bernard, and Mariel Nanasi, New Energy Economy.

Learn more about Casa Milagro and DONATE to this New Energy Economy - Sol for ALL! project HERE.


Through the installation of a 16kW solar array (covering 101% of their annual electricity needs) we will eliminate the organization's monthly electricity bills enabling Casa Milagro to reallocate funds to its core mission: providing a sustainable, safe, and therapeutic home that nurtures the well-being and thriving of each of our formerly homeless residents who struggle with mental health challenges. In 2019, New Mexico's rise in homeless population was the highest in the nation. Casa Milagro has been a shining example of a positive refuge in Santa Fe since 1995 for formerly homeless adults with mental health challenges in need of permanent, housing.

Regina, Casa Milagro resident making bread for her housemates in this February 2020 photo.  

Providing a sustainable, safe, and therapeutic home that nurtures the well-being and thriving of each of our formerly homeless residents.

SOL for ALL! Installing Community-Scale Solar Installations that Demonstrate the Benefits and Viability of Solar, Today!

Sol For ALL is a campaign to bring brighter possibilities for health, prosperity, and sustainability to the people of New Mexico, in line with longstanding community values.

New Energy Economy partners with diverse allies to create energy transformation. Solar today is cost-competitive, creates local jobs, avoids huge amounts of water use – all with none of the environmental and health hazards of coal and other fossil fuels. For local nonprofits, farms, and public agencies, solar installation allows them to redirect funds previously spent on utility bills to the vital services they provide – money cycled back into the community, instead of for profit. Our solar installations demonstrate the tangible economic, environmental, and health benefits of solar, and prove that the shift to renewable energy is not only necessary but possible today. LEARN MORE about our Sol for ALL! program and read about over a dozen of our completed solar installations.


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