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Our democractically elected regulatory body said NO, but Avangrid just won't go.

Despite the PRC's ruling that a PNM/Avangrid merger would not be in the public interest, Avangrid & PNM to co-host energy summit & private reception this week for Earth Day - greenwashing at its best.

Last year the PRC took a courageous and principled stance, voting to reject the PNM/Avangrid merger proposal because it did not safeguard the interests of New Mexico ratepayers. Their vote was taken despite strong political pressure from the Governor, the Attorney General and a well funded public pressure campaign by Avangrid. (The two companies spent more than 1.5 million in advertising for their merger PR campaign). PNM and Avangrid did not take that NO for an answer. They've appealed that ruling to the Supreme Court and are now co-hosting energy summits about our state's energy future and wining and dining our elected officials.

An investment outlook for Avangrid actually laid out their strategy in black and white - appeal at the Supreme Court and then re-file when the PRC commissioners have been replaced with those appointed by the Governor. Meanwhile PNM and Avangrid are jointly hosting an upscale Earth Day greenwashing celebration for decision makers at the Drury Hotel, complete with a green earth logo and organic menu items, and an energy summit on April 21-22nd put on by PNM, Avangrid and Chevron. The arrogance is breathtaking.

New Energy Economy is joining YUCCA (Youth United for Climate Crisis Action) and other grassroots orgs for a march and protest at the PNM/Avangrid sponsored private Earth Day reception that the utilities are hosting for our elected officials this Friday. You are invited! Please come out - rally with us, youth leaders, and allies calling out greenwashing, false solutions, and the corrupting influence of corporate industry and utilities on our state's politics. Let's stand together to demand real people-centered climate change solutions.


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