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Public input matters. Yesterday the people spoke, and the PRC listened

Yesterday you answered the call. Public comment was 20-1 against the Avangrid buyout of PNM, and specifically the manner in which the PRC conducted its business - behind closed doors. Then, in a refreshing victory for transparency and democracy, the Commissioners acknowledged that they had erred in joining with PNM/Avangrid in their March 8th motion to the Supreme Court that stated the merger application "shall" be reconsidered, and affirmed their intention to ensure that if there is a re-opening of the case, full due process considerations will be heard.

Today the PRC formally filed their response to our April 18th filing questioning the legality of their actions, stating that it "no longer supports" the motion for remand and rehearing that it filed jointly with PNM/Avangrid, and declaring:

The Commission agrees with the positions of the intervenors that Rule (rehearing) is inappropriate to apply to the further proceedings contemplated by the December 9 Order. The Commission also agrees that, consistent with the December 9 Order, if jurisdiction is remanded to the Commission for further proceedings, any such proceeding must provide the parties the opportunity to present new evidence.

We commend the PRC Commissioners for their courage in acknowledging the error and their intention to ensure that due process will be afforded and that any substantial new evidence will be entered into the record if the case returns to their jurisdiction and is formally re-opened.

Public input was critical to the shift in the PRC’s position. Your presence and action proved once again that transparency and democracy matter to New Mexicans. Avangrid tried to pull a fast one, and it’s precisely this kind of unlawful maneuvering that is their typical way of dealing with regulators; it is this type of behavior that underscores our opposition to Avangrid's predatory takeover of our energy future.


There is no formal timeline for the Supreme Court's decision to decide or dismiss PNM and Avangrid's appeal, so meanwhile we hope that the public will actively get involved in giving the PRC a piece of their minds! Click the button below to tell us how you can get involved - whether that is talking to your friends, giving public comment, inviting us to come to your event or writing to the paper. The public's voice is of critical importance.


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