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Co-branding or not? You be the judge

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

We recently called out PNM and Avangrid for the deceptive and misleading co-branding PR strategy being employed to pave the way for the merger they still believe can and will be bought through overwhelming financial and political influence over New Mexico leadership. In response to our filing, Avangrid's spokesperson affirmed:

"Avangrid has not engaged at any time in “co-branding” with PNM or PNMR."

and Ray Sandoval, PNM Director of Corporate Communications, affirms that

"it is not accurate to characterize the communications and the materials included in JA Exhibit 1 as “co-branding.” To the contrary, at all times PNM and Avangrid have maintained their separate corporate identities and separate logos. With regard to the identified materials, neither PNM nor Avangrid are marketing any goods or services."

We'll let you be the judge. Here are some examples from the 50 pages of advertising and sponsorship examples submitted in their response:

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Avangrid's affidavit included one glimmer of honesty, stating that "An additional purpose of the communications and materials is to help maintain a positive public presence and perception of PNM and Avangrid in furtherance of the proposed merger." Yes, we caught that.

Avangrid and it's parent company Iberdrola have a history of disregard for regulators and laws, using their position as monopoly utilities to manipulate the market, slowing the renewable energy transition to ensure that they can corner the development of solar and wind generation projects for their own affiliates and subsidiaries at the expense of ratepayers and other solar developers and installers, a key reason for the PRC's decision to reject the merger.

In just the past month since we filed our motion the following complaints and investigations were reported:


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