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DOE Report: U.S. Wind Energy Production and Manufacturing Surges, Supporting Jobs and Diversifying

Energy Economy

The Energy Department released a new report today highlighting strong growth in the U.S. wind energy market in 2011, increasing the United States’ share of clean energy and supporting tens of thousands of jobs, and underscoring the importance of continued policy support and clean energy tax credits to ensure that the manufacturing and jobs associated with this booming global industry remain in America. According to the 2011 Wind Technologies Market Report, the United States remained one of the world’s largest and fastest growing wind markets in 2011, with wind power representing a remarkable 32% of all new electric capacity additions in the United States last year and accounting for $14 billion in new investment. According the report, the percentage of wind equipment made in America also increased dramatically. Nearly seventy percent of the equipment installed at U.S. wind farms last year—including wind turbines and components like towers, blades,gears, and generators—is now from domestic manufacturers, doubling from 35% in2005.

Read the full report here.

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