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Letter to the Editor: Reject PNM's Plan

I respectfully request the Public Regulation Commission to reject Public Service Company of New Mexico’s proposals and dutifully serve the citizens of New Mexico.

I am citing the PRC code: “Using the powers of the office solely for the benefit of the public rather than for any personal benefit.” Benefit the public. Improve our energy portfolio.

Here are the facts as I see them: Dirty energy harms our citizens. PNM: 60,000 air quality violations, fined $6.9 million for poisonous practices. The tragic result? Human death and suffering. Cost? Some $60 million a year spent on wasteful energy, which drains our water to the tune of 6.3 billion gallons a year. Solution? Sun and wind. New Mexico has the second-highest solar and 11th-highest wind potential in the entire country. Solar energy has created more than 143,000 jobs nationwide. Outdated energy makes a weaker economy. We need 30 percent sourced renewable energy. Save money, water and lives.

Sean Torres

Santa Fe


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