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Letters to the Editor, February 13 - Albuquerque Journal

I am amazed to see the misleading glossy mailer Public Service Company of New Mexico sent out all over Santa Fe.

The company’s expensive poll on municipalization come on the heels of the news that PNM says it is strapped and must increase residents’ rates by 12 percent. As a captive customer of PNM, I want it to provide community solar.

Working together with the city, PNM could finance and integrate into its grid a large solar installation at the old dump site in Northwest Santa Fe.

Seventy percent of all PNM’s Santa Fe customers should be on solar in the next 10 years. PNM’s goals to go renewable are not mentioned in its mailing. Statewide, I would like to see a 2 percent to 5 percent improvement in alternative energy every year. PNM is nowhere near this goal.

I believe Santa Fe citizens support alternative energy and want to be leaders.

PNM, please let Santa Fe lead.

John Buchser

Santa Fe


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