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New Mexico Energy Democracy Working Group - First Call is May 8th

Help us change the discourse and the trajectory of our state’s energy transition. Help us build the movement to demand what is NECESSARY for our planet AND our communities.

At this critical moment, it is imperative that we strengthen our movement for community-based energy solutions that build community power, local wealth, and local economic development for New Mexican communities.

Join the New Mexico Energy Democracy Working Group

Everywhere we look there is need for greater investment -- in family supporting jobs, in our schools, our neighborhoods, our social service sector, our environment. Our electricity market generates 100s of millions of dollars in revenues each year -- right now the vast majority of that money is siphoned from our communities and sent to Wall Street via our monopoly utilities. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Beginning Wednesday evening, May 8th New Energy Economy will convene a monthly meeting (online or in person) for a new Energy Democracy Working Group to discuss movement-building, legal advocacy, and policy work for a just transition and the bold renewable energy and the climate justice agenda.

We’ve invited movement leaders from throughout the state who will share progress on their community-based efforts, we’ll include updates from pending legal cases and policy initiatives, and we’ll be bringing in leaders from throughout the country who are advancing the movement for energy democracy in their own communities and states - to learn best practices and build power together.

We know another world is possible. We know that real solutions to climate crisis are on the table. We know the antidote to despair is action! The

CLICK HERE to sign up for the New Mexico Energy Democracy Working Group as an individual or as a representative of your organization and participate in the May 8th call.


Pottery to the People!

We wish to send a huge thank you to Santa Fe's Paseo Pottery for hosting a wonderful gathering and especially for announcing that New Energy Economy, Tewa Women United, and CASA First will be the 2019 recipients for Paseo Pottery's profit sharing program.


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