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Oh hell NO! Gov MLG seeks exemption from oil and gas leasing pause

Our Governor likes to tout her climate credentials, largely based exclusively on the Energy Transition Act, which was as much a giveaway to PNM as it was a climate action bill. She also likes to cozy up to our oil and gas industry. Today it was reported that she plans to seek an exemption from the Biden administration pause on oil and gas leasing, this despite the fact that industry executives themselves acknowledge that there are enough undeveloped leases existing today to keep them drilling for several years without any new auctions.

All of us who care about our beautiful land and water, who care about New Mexico people and who care about our children know that the only possible livable future lies not in oil and gas drilling, but in a rapid transition away from fossil fuels.

We say HELL NO because:

  • Oil and gas obtained from Federal lands accounts for 24% of carbon dioxide emissions in the country. The climate crisis demands immediate action and the consequences of inaction will be catastrophic in New Mexico.

  • In 474,121 acres of the 4.3 million total acres currently leased for oil and gas operations remain undeveloped and unused. The oil and gas companies are crying but in fact they can continue drilling under this Biden Administration pause on new leasing without any substantial injury.

  • New Mexico can pursue alternative funding, including remuneration from the Federal Government for losses to local or state tax revenues associated with the pause.

  • New Mexico families across the state are hurting from the degradation, despoliation and pollution caused by oil and gas leasing in our communities. We support the pause on oil and gas leasing in our state while a more sustainable land use policy is developed.


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