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Poll Results Specific to Latino Voters:

78% say increasing the use of renewable energy will create jobs in their state – ten points higher than among voters overall in the region.

80% say the higher priority for meeting America’s energy needs is to reduce our need for more coal, oil and gas by expanding our use of clean, renewable energy that can be generated in the U.S. – 15 points higher than Western voters overall

Latino voters say they would encourage the use of solar power (72%) and wind power (56%) than other sources of energy (responses are top two mentions combined). Conversely, 64% would discourage the use of coal and 56% the use of coal in their state (top two mentions combined).

60% say air pollution and smog is an extremely or very serious problem affecting their state.

87% say that we can protect land and water and have a strong economy at the same time, compared to 78% of voters overall across the region.

94% agree that “Our national parks, forests, monuments, and wildlife areas are an essential part of their state’s economy.”

When asked whether environmental regulations have a positive or negative impact on jobs in their state, Latinos are nearly three times more likely to say they have a positive impact (60%) rather than a negative impact (22%).

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