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PRC Selects 100% Renewable San Juan Replacement Power Plan!

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Today the PRC selected the 100% Renewable Replacement Power option. Thank you ALL for supporting 100% replacement power plus storage! Today a dream has come true and WE couldn’t have done it without YOU!

This legal win has been 10 years in the making but the resistance to the San Juan Generating Station and coal's toxic legacy has been being fought by frontline Diné communities for much longer still. Congratulations and deepest gratitude to those on the frontlines who have been calling for an end to fossil fuel extraction and exploitation, defending their lands, the water, and our collective health and who have pushed us all -- advocates, the Hearing Examiners, the public, and the Commission to place people and the planet before profits -- to center justice. 

This is a monumental people's victory! Congratulations to all of the parties who supported the Coalition for Clean and Affordable Energy's resource portfolio and helped set this important legal precedent. This decision upheld legal standards for the most cost-effective resource portfolio, most environmentally appropriate resource portfolio, and a reliable and just way to move forward! Many of the replacement resources will be located in the impacted community and these renewables and storage resources will provide FIXED energy costs for the next twenty years in a time of extreme economic and climate uncertainty. A win-win-win. Thank you for being a part of this important work.

Lots to do going forward but take a deep breathe and celebrate this phenomenal WIN for New Mexicans!


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