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Secretary Deb Haaland's Historic Confirmation

On this historic day we are sending our soon-to-be Secretary of the Interior our blessings and gratitude and praying that this is an opening -- for justice, for healing, for recognition and restoration of Indigenous stewardship and Native rights.

“Representative Debra Haaland's nomination represents an historic moment. Finally, after centuries of struggle, an Indigenous leader who understands the sacred value of the earth will preside over the management and stewardship of public lands. We need a leader like Representative Haaland to reinstate and strengthen federal regulatory laws that exist to protect our communities, to put an end to the contamination, despoilation and desecration of the commons, and to honor the sovereign rights and guardianship role of our Indigenous communities. Rep Haaland is uniquely qualified to balance the varying interests and weigh cumulative impacts of decisions, and not just give corporate interests the unfettered right to ruin our only home. She will uphold the nation’s charter for the protection of the environment, ensuring compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act. As the Secretary of the Interior she will manage and oversee development on public lands in a manner that safeguards the public welfare. She understands that she must consider the environmental consequences of the department’s actions on this and future generations.” - Mariel Nanasi, Executive Director


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